Sunday, 13 May 2012

"You're NOT allowed to ice Rebecca."

I made a cake. One day I will post a recipe for this cake, because it's a rather epic cake, but this is more of a story about what happens when you tell me not to do a thing then sit me at a table with icing for an hour.

The cake was for Joel, whose birthday I flaked out on last week because I'm awful like that... Hopefully cake makes up for this... Rebecca wasn't there either, and I decided to bring her along as well as the cake when I went to give it to him.

Except I dressed her up as a cake because Joel told me not to.

Specifically I wasn't allowed to "ice Rebecca" and that never happened. And I was considering making a proper four tier wedding cake costume but I didn't have enough card. Saddest day of my life. 

Although here is Rebecca. Dressed in the most socially acceptable cake costume I've ever seen...

(Also yes. I did decorate my cake as a patchwork quilt in honour of our "Rich Tapestry of Life: A Social and Cultural History of Europe" course. This proves that baking counts as revision.)

And while I was having an argument with the black icing pen about why it wasn't flipping well working and whether or not it could get its act together if possible please and thank you, Rebecca and Bryony made the entire cast of Harry potter out of icing.

We have a Voldemort, a Quirrel, a Hedwig, a Harry, a Snape, a Ron, a Dobby, a Dumbledore and a Hermione.

This is a gratuitous picture of me holding the Rich Tapestry of Cake.

Joel liked his cake. And I gave him some vodka slush.


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