Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Food Hacks #1 - Cous Cous Addiction

*Hi there guys, Zosia here cutting in on Bryony's post like a proper blogging pirate... This is the first part of a new series of "Food Hacks" for uni students, who want to eat lovely food but cant be bothered to spend more than five minutes cooking... We take stuff normal university students eat, like ready made cous cous and microwave rice and jazz it up into something fancy. Let us know if you have any ideas my friends, we're all ears.*

I'm a self-confessed cous cous addict. It's been my lunch-time staple since I started university - it takes five minutes to make and, if you do it like I do, is full of all the most beautiful flavours imaginable. 

Which is why when I got back to uni today I made a big bowl of it. It's a hug for your tummy.

HEY Aiiinsley, how YOU doin'? :D

Take one packet of Ainsley Harriott ready-flavoured cous cous (they claim to serve two, but that's utter rubbish unless you're a mouse). My favourite is roasted vegetable, but you could use any.

The absorbancy still amazes me
Follow the instructions on the back... And then this is where it gets amazing.

Add about 1/3 of a jar of red pesto, a big knob of butter, and 2/3 of a pot of soft goats' cheese. Spinach leaves are great in it too (and as ever, work to convince Mother of my iron intake), but sadly we're all spinached out at the moment.

Mix and enjoy, and prepare for a taste-bud explosion.

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