Sunday, 6 May 2012

Vodka Time

So I'm half Polish. And naturally, this means I have quite an affinity with vodka.

Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka. TASTES LIKE SUMMER.
And most other people seem to as well. 

So long as its not Tesco value, people are generally quite content to knock back a few shots of the stuff, and it goes with almost any mixer under the sun.

Although not gonna lie, I've seen vodka and milk done before and that is NOT a good plan. 

Last night Vodka met my other very good friend, pasta. Apparently its supposed to clarify the flavour. And it tasted flipping good. So I guess it does...

Bryony wasn't convinced by the concept but it turned out pretty bloody well in the end...

SO. Tomato Vodka Pasta time.
(I got the start of my method from here... And then I started guessing...)

Here's what you need for 2 servings:
1 red onion.
3 cloves of garlic.
1 cup of vodka. (I used Smirnoff, probably best not to use the fanciest stuff...)
1 can of chopped tomatoes.
1 oxo cube.
1 pinch of dried rosemary.
Splash of olive oil.
1 cup of cream.
Salt and pepper.
Fresh basil and grated parmesan to serve.

And here's what you do:

Cook your pasta. You know what to do. The sauce should take about the same time as the pasta so you need to multitask a bit...

1. Chop up the red onion and the garlic. Melt some butter in a pan then add the onion and garlic.
2. Fry until they start to discolour, then add the vodka. 
3. Leave to simmer for a minute then add the tomatoes and mix them in thoroughly.
4. Crumble in an oxo cube, add a pinch of rosemary and a splash of olive oil. 
5. Keep stirring the sauce as your pasta cooks.
6. Just before your pasta is ready, add the cream and stir in thoroughly.
7. Season with salt and pepper and add the fresh chopped basil.
8. Place pasta in bowls and split the sauce equally. Add parmesan and EAT. 

Potential new favourite recipe. 


  1. whaaaaaaaaaaat vodka pasta now this sounds like a meal XD

  2. Just made this again for the first time in about a year. So. Good,