Wednesday, 9 May 2012

It's turned out oranges and lemons again

Sometimes the world is trying to tell you something. 

Yesterday it told me I needed to make Lemon and Orange Vodka Slush. 


1. Lady Grey Tea. Made with orange and lemon peel. And awesomeness. 

2. The Student Union fruit and veg market. FLIPPING NORA how huge are these lemons?

I have never seen a lemon dwarf an orange to such an extent before. Just wow.

There was no way I couldn't buy a couple.

3. The Vodka bit. Because Bryony needed motivation to get her butt back here to uni and I know she likes cocktails.

SO I made Lemon and Orange Vodka Slush.

What You NEED: (Also quantities can be a bit vague, depending on how much you want and whether you like it sweet or sharp. This made a big tub to keep in the freezer for the rest of this term.)

350 ml of Vodka.
200 ml of Pineapple Juice.
100 ml of Limoncello (optional, I put it in because I had it but you don't really need it).
3 MASSIVE Lemons or 5 normal sized ones.
3 (disappointingly normal) Oranges.
Simple Syrup (I made two cups worth using this recipe).
A splash or two of Concentrated Lemon Juice.

WHAT to  do:

1. Pour the Vodka into a freezer safe container. Add the Pineapple Juice and the Limoncello.
2. Juice your Oranges and Lemons. I just squeezed them into a jug then poured it into the main container through a sieve. (Mine got a little bit mutilated in the process...)

3. Make up your Simple Syrup. Add as much or as little as you want. I added around 250 ml. 
4. Splash in some concentrated Lemon Juice.

NOW. What you're left with will look like a massive, uninspiring container of juice. With Vodka in it...

BUT the next step is the clever part...

5. Stick it in the freezer overnight. The Vodka stops the whole mixture from freezing so when you stir it it has the consistency of a slush puppy. But for grown ups/students/not children...
6. Go and live your life for a while. Mine involved baking, The Hundred Years War and dressing a certain Miss Hilsdon up as a cake. True story. (Come back tomorrow for more on two of those topics...)
7. Revisit your freezer excitedly at 9am. Take a teaspoonful and realise that this is far too early for vodka even when disguised in slush. 
8. Come back later and serve.

How to serve it?

We came up with two methods:

On the left, Bryony is enjoying the Ice Cream Method. Where one eats it out of the tub with a spoon.
On the right, I added Grenadine Syrup and a straw. Mix before serving. 

(Also you can use a glass, I just found a jar first...)


(Inspiration via Pinterest.)


  1. I've been stalking this blog since you first put it up in facebook, and it's marvellous. I'll definitely try something like this, as I do like the effects of vodka, just not the taste... :(

    On another unrelated note, I have those tupperware containers from Ikea (in which I am making vodka jelly for tomorrow, so perhaps not as unrelated as I thought).

    a very hungry Garen xx

    1. Haha glad you like it! I'm the same with vodka - with this you just have to be a bit careful, as you can find yourself very happily eating rather a lot and then wondering why you feel a bit tipsy... :D
      And hooray for tupperware!
      Bryony xxx