Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Break Time

Today I experienced the best revision break everr. Because it started at 2pm and it's still going on now. 

And it's just gone 11pm....

Said "Break" basically consisted of a non-stop food fest:

Fruit and veg market at the SU. (Because who doesn't love shopping for cucumbers in the same place you spent friday night dancing like an idiot and fending off creepers?) 

Goats cheese and garlic toast. (Thank you Bryony, you're the best.)

Gluten free chocolate cupcakes with raspberry cream cheese icing.


And rather a lot of Pimms. Because you have to drink Pimms when its sunny.

For my rather eclectic bunch of cupcakes, I used this recipe for "Chocolate 'I Can't Believe You Made That' Cake" by Lorraine Pascale and some Dove's Farm gluten free flour to make the most amazing chocolate cake batter EVER. Instead of making one large cake I tend to split it up into cup cakes because I'm just a little bit impatient and it takes less time. (Fifteen minutes compared to over half an hour...)

And instead of doing fancy things with chocolate cigarillos, I made raspberry cream cheese icing.

(Basically, I mixed half a pack of Philadelphia cream cheese, a handful of raspberries and a whole load of icing sugar together until it tasted nice... I don't have an exact recipe but it sure tastes lovely.)

And then my cupcakes and I had an argument.

That's a serious level food argument going down right there.

They'd been so upwardly mobile in the oven that the silly things were too gosh darn vertical to be iced.

So I hollowed out the middles, butterfly cake style, filled them with icing and put the top back on. 

Cue hilarity as people attempt to eat exploding cupcakes. HA.

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