Thursday, 14 August 2014

So Long, Farewell!


And it was awesome.

The down side is, we're not going to be able to continue with this blog anymore...

Life is getting busier than it's ever been, and as we're no longer living in the same place it's just become too hard to coordinate things (as you may have noticed from the increasingly infrequent blog posts!). Seeing as we're no longer undergrads, it would also feel a bit cheaty continuing to write under the title of 'Uni Food'!. We sincerely promise to keep cooking though, and who knows - maybe we'll see you again in the future...

What we're doing next:

I'm going to be staying at Royal Holloway for a masters course in Medieval Studies, but I'm currently working with the college's Magna Carta 800th anniversary team. I'm writing about politics and Magna Carta over the centuries for an app to guide people around the site where Magna Carta was agreed in 1215, and it's been a really fascinating experience.

I'm currently job-hunting for food writing/editorial work in London; my ambition is to write my own cook book. I'm also not ready to give up blogging, and so am going solo with a shiny new website called Bryony's Kitchen, which will be awesome. Do follow me there for a variety of culinary exploits!

A huge, huge thank you to everyone who's followed, helped and supported us throughout the last few years. We couldn't have done it without you! xxx

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