Saturday, 31 August 2013

London lunches

GOSH and Kenwood House
So, quite frankly, this summer has been the busiest ever. I don't feel like I've stopped since June... With my internship and volunteering at Kenwood House with English Heritage and working at University in the admissions department, I've barely had the time to cook anything... 

Except lunches. I've made (not really cooked) SO many packed lunches. When I'm at GOSH I usually eat my lunch in Russell Square Gardens, apart from the few times it rained and I went and sat in the British Museum. While I started off the summer with the generic crisps + chocolate + sandwich combination, I quickly got bored and started packing random things, like quinoa and roasted vegetables and salads and things. So I decided I'd put together this post, which is basically a compilation of lunch ideas and inspiration. Because packed lunches are cheap and incredibly easy.

Russell Square Gardens
Number 1: The easy lunch

Chocolate + sandwich + savoury snack. (Book optional)

This is my go to lunch. The sandwich is cheddar cheese and Branston pickle, the chocolate is fancy stuff that was slightly out of date and therefore free, and there are cashew nuts in the little pot. I love fancy black pepper flavoured ones, but because they're quite expensive I mix them with plain and boring generic cheap cashews to stretch out the flavour as much as possible.

Also, the sandwich box was 80p in Tesco, which is cheaper than an actual pack of foil and totally environmentally friendly. Winning.

Number 2: The slightly more complicated lunch

Wraps + snacks +dip

These are Warburtons (GLUTEN FREE!!!) wraps, which are awesome. I hope they sell them in Egham Tesco... I made them up with brie and salad. The snacks are salt and pepper rice puff type things, and the dip is mango chutney. I think I had this combination in the one Graze box I ever had, except this way you get to pick what you get to go with it.

Number 3: Easy pasta

Pasta + red pesto + (optional) roasted vegetables

If you're having pasta for dinner the night before, cook up an extra portion and pack it up in a box for lunch the next day. Don't forget a fork...

 Number 4: Anything you can eat that fits into a box.

I really enjoyed my vegetarian lasagne in a box. Not even kidding.

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