Monday, 18 June 2012

Life is Hectic.

Always is, but these last few weeks have been particularly crazy. Various parties and a newspaper and last minute lectures (ta v much history department!) and a helluva lot of packing means that we're now totally done with first year. And we've moved out of Runnymede, the halls Bryony and I lived in. Sad times.

Runnymede Block JK. In the snow...
AND NOW it's summer...

Bryony and I, having been soaked in the rain. BRITISH SUMMER. (With a statue of a former king that Freddie threatened to headbutt. Violent boy.)
ALL IS NOT OVER however. Throughout the summer we'll still be posting as many recipes as we can, some cooked over the last few weeks of term when we were super busy, as well as other recipes we've cooked at home.

Just because we don't HAVE to cook now, doesn't mean we don't want to. 

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